Project overview

Ground Squirrel is lightweight Integrated Development Environment oriented to Squirrel Script Language and Squirrel Shell.


Ground Squirrel Screenshot Ground Squirrel Screenshot Ground Squirrel Screenshot


  • Syntax highlight
  • Project support (named 'Union')
  • Editing mechanism
  • Startup script inside application
  • GUI tabs for editing multiple files

Development state

Current status of project is alpha. Latest release is 0.9.5. The project has been compiled and run on Windows (Windows XP and Vista on 32-bit platform).

Technical information

  • Project is based on Eclipse Rich Client Platform
  • Programming language is Java
  • Subversion repository

Legal notices

Ground Squirrel is open-source software.
Check license information here: Open Software License ("OSL") version 3.0.

Binary version of Squirrel and Squirrel Shell is distributed with Ground Squirrel.
Squirrel - under zlib/libpng license.
Squirrel Shell - under GNU General Public License (version 3).